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Oil on cottonwood.8.0cm,.2.9in.
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In most cases, however, the alignment is quite good and indicates the likeliness of the artists intent to apply a golden ratio.
Virgin of the Rocks Oil on panel 189.5 120 cm,.6.25 in Location: National Gallery, London Leonardo and Ambrogio de Predis Generally accepted as postdating the version in the Louvre, with collaboration of de Predis and perhaps others.Golden ratio lines from the center of the painting to the sides of the canvas align nicely with the width of her hair.Open Window Perspective "Perspective is nothing else than seeing a place or objects behind a plane of glass, quite transparent, on the surface of which the objects behind the glass are to be drawn." - Leonardo da Vinci.232) was found with their names; before this only Judas, Peter, John and Jesus were positively identified.Attribution proposed by Liphhart, accepted by Bode, Lubke, Muller-Walde, Berenson, Clark, Goldscheider and others.Not every Da Vincis painting shows clear evidence of golden ratios If you review all of Da Vincis paintings, you will likely not find clear evidence of the golden ratio in many of them.Leonardo Da Vinci has long been associated with the golden ratio.

Leonardo was given the commission by the Augustinian monks of San Donato a Scopeto in Florence, but departed for Milan the following year, leaving the painting unfinished.
Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.
Anne, her daughter the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus.
From left to right: Bartholomew, James, son of Alphaeus and Andrew form a group of three, all are surprised.The application of the Divine proportion in this painting is the most subject to interpretation and debate.The lunettes above the main painting, formed by the triple arched ceiling of the refectory, are painted with Sforza coats-of-arms.As of this writing in 2014, no English translation is available.The Last Supper abbigliamento bimbi scontato on line fresco in, milan (1498).The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.Examination supports that Vitruvian Man was drawn to represent the fractional measures put forth by Vitruvius and is not based on the golden ratio.Other examples of golden ratios in the illustrations include the one architectural illustration in the book and the one script letter (G) that is not divided horizontally at its midpoint.These also show golden ratios in their positioning.The original manuscript can be viewed online.The image on the left below shows that golden ratios from the sides of the canvas.Benois Madonna 1478 Oil on canvas.5 33 cm Location: Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg Generally accepted Madonna and Child with Flowers, otherwise known as the Benois Madonna, could be one of two Madonnas started by Leonardo da Vinci, as he remarked himself, in October 1478.It is perhaps the most famous and iconic painting in the world.In the book, Pacioli writes of mathematical and artistic proportion, especially the mathematics of the golden ratio and its application in art and architecture.

This is generally considered Leonardo's last masterpiece.
Madonna with vase or Madonna with child, is an oil painting by Leonardo da Vinci created sometime around (Renaissance).