da vinci code character quotes

At the same time, the French police, who have successfully tracked down Langdon and Sophie, surround the château.
(The keystone turns out to samsung note 2 prezzo ebay be a cryptex, a portable vault that can only be opened by a password.) Teabing gains all this information by a secret spying base in his château.
However, this is only an opportunity for Rémy to conduct a fake kidnapping scene, in which he reveals to Silas that he is also working for the Teacher and instructs him to kidnap Teabing and leave by their limousine.
However, in the extended edition of the film, he is referred to as Rémy Legaludec by Lieutenant Jérôme Collet.
Finally, he decides to enter the château, but the people inside have already escaped.He is a classic New York publishing type.Robert Langdon - The male protagonist of the novel.With the assistance of Saunière's granddaughter Sophie Neveu, Langdon escapes from the police and takes refuge at Teabing's, but not before retrieving the keystone Saunière left for Sophie at the Depository Bank of Zürich.Jerome Collet - An agent with the French Judicial Police.The Da Vinci Code Sophie moved closer to the image The Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

In the film, his name is changed to Rémy Jean and is portrayed by Jean-Yves Berteloot.
In the film, Bezu Fache was offerte volantino interspar rovigo portrayed by Jean Reno.
Although the Teacher doesn't provide him with any contact information, Aringarosa is extremely intrigued about this and willingly agrees to cooperate.
Under the orders of The Teacher, he murders Jacques Saunière and the other three leaders of the Priory of Sion in order to extract the location of the Priory's clef de voûte or " keystone ".After Silas shoots Jacques Saunière, Grand Master of the Priory and curator of the Louvre Museum, Saunière leaves a trail of secret codes before he dies, leading the French police to suspect that Robert Langdon was the murderer.Also, in the novel, Silas' nationality is French: he tells Aringarosa that he does not speak Spanish.Saunière's name may be based on Bérenger Saunière, a central figure in many of the conspiracy theories surrounding Rennes-le-Château who was extensively mentioned in Holy Blood, Holy Grail.After calling Silas to go away for some rest, he kills Rémy by putting some peanut powder in his cognac, triggering his peanut allergy.However, Rémy panics when Langdon threatens to destroy the keystone and shows his face.