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If you go into this series expecting a history lesson (and then complain about the fact that it isn't you might as well walk around with a sign reading "I am an imbecile".
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I read some of the reviews of this show on IMDb and i have to say i wasn't pleased.After finishing the episode it has left me craving for more, which is good for a pilot episode.10 /10, after just having watched the first episode, i must say that i'm already hooked.Important: You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.From the TV network that brought us Spartacus, i think David.This is not a documentary so I can understand that mixing fictional story lines offerta online wind with historical facts is a necessity.It is the combination of all taglie sisley uomo the shows out there.

Do not listen to the negative banter 10 /10, you will hear all sorts of things: historically inaccurate, amateurish acting, disgraceful to da Vinci, bitch-and-moan not listen to these people.
Season 3 Episode 2, abbadon (54:48 season 3 Episode 1, semper Infidelis (5.
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Another interesting TV series!Potential to be another hit for Starz.The dialogue was written really well.Great characters and great acting.For those who are complaining about historical inaccuracies then let me tell you most of the shows on TV are historically inaccurate.