152 Quirico Filopanti (18121894 mathematician and politician.
1631) and Christ with Saints Joseph and Eligius (1635) Canaletto (16971768 painter and etcher, noted particularly for his highly detailed paintings of cities, esp Venice, which are marked by strong contrasts of light and shade Battistello Caracciolo (15781635 painter.
He is counted as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers of the Catholic Church Scientists edit Main article: List of Italian sconti case automobilistiche scientists Maria Gaetana Agnesi (17181799 linguist, mathematician and philosopher, considered to be the first woman in the Western world to have achieved a reputation.Architects edit Main article: List of Italian architects Ancient Rome edit See also: Category:Ancient Roman architects Cocceius Auctus (1st century BC and 1st century AD Roman architect during the age of Augustus (27 BC 14 AD) Hyginus Gromaticus (1st and 2nd centuries AD Roman surveyor.His Shoeshine (1946 The Bicycle Thief (1948 and Umberto.Web "Palmiro Togliatti" Encyclopædia Britannica Online, 2011.13861466 sculptor, pioneer of the Renaissance style of natural, lifelike figures, such as the bronze statue David (c.His masterpiece is the Assumption of the Virgin in the dome of Sant'Andrea della Valle (16251627) Pietro Longhi (17021785 painter, known for his small pictures depicting the life of upper-middle-class Venetians of his day Alessandro Magnasco (16671749 painter, known for his scenes of disembodied, flame-like.Contents, actors edit, main article: List of Italian actors, roberto Benigni (born 1952 actor, comedian, screenwriter, director, known outside of Italy for directing and acting in the 1997 tragicomedy.Volume 3(2) 3, Transactions of the Newcomen Society, 2005, Luigi Negrelli, Engineer, 17991858: Planner of The Suez Canal.1474) Niccolò Machiavelli (14691527 political philosopher and writer; known for his The Prince (written in 1513 and published in 1532 one of the world's most famous essays on political science Giannozzo Manetti (13961459 politician and diplomat; significant scholar of the early Italian Renaissance Girolamo Mei.Among his works may be cited the famous Gothic Ca' d'Oro (14241430) and the marble door of the church of Frari Bertolino Bragerio (active.Web "Marcello Malpighi" Encyclopædia Britannica Online, 2011.He was the leading artist of the Novecento Italiano group leonardo da vinci airport flights in the 1920s, developing a muscular, monumental figurative style Antonio Diego Voci (19201985 painter.

1667) Maria Montessori (18701952 physician and educator.
He wrote several works on the spiritual life Boncompagno da Signa (c.
1499 painter and member of the influential Vivarini family of Venetian artists Jacopo Zabolino ( active ) painter of frescoes of a mainly religious theme Federico Zuccari (c.
93 BC52 BC a disruptive politician, head of a band of political thugs, and bitter enemy of Cicero in late republican Rome Lucius Cornelius Scipio Barbatus (?c.
Together with Romanino and Girolamo Savoldo, he was one of the most distinguished painters of Brescia of the 16th century 120 Giovanni Battista Moroni (c.1530 painter and architect, a follower of Bramante, from whom he takes his nickname Bronzino (15031572 painter.Film include The Ignorant Fairies (2001) and Facing Windows (2003) Pier Paolo Pasolini (19221975 film director and writer.His most famous works are the frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel and in the church of Santa Maria del Carmine, in Florence Masolino da Panicale (c.His record of 144 races wins and 72 Grand Prix wins make him the second most successful in motocross history Giacomo Agostini (born 1942 motorcycle racer.14451523 painter, known for his nudes and for his novel compositional devices.

446 BC365 BC Roman soldier and statesman Catiline (108 BC62 BC Roman politician Cato the Elder (234 BC149 BC Roman statesman, orator and the first Latin prose writer of importance 29 Cato the Younger (95 BC46 BC Roman politician and statesman in the late Roman.
14301495 painter who was the founder and the first significant figure of the 15th-century school of Ferrara 129 Paolo Uccello (13971475 painter.