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Janér collaborated with various artistic circles and took part in the group show AB OVO together with such renowned artists as Jannis Counelis, Pier Pizzi Kannella, Nunzio and Carla Accardi.
Why would he paint a misty Chinese landscape yet with characteristically thin tree branches stretching over an abyss?
Date: May, 25th June, 17th, venue: State Museum of Contemporary Art of the Russian Academy of Arts, 10, Gogolevsky boulevard.The biggest art heist in history was committed in Paris in 2010. .Finally he has moved to Rome, where painting became his life.Effortlessly and elegantly he uses pigments streaming from his brush, or sponge.Learn about other art heists in this photo gallery by tass.

The impulsive use of the palette knife, paint and all of the artists limbs, have defined action painting as a meeting of the individuals psychology with cosmogonic mythology.
The duality of his artistic nature is explained as main themes of his paintings are the observation of life and the feeling for it, both governed taglio della cravatta in germania by Janérs «Global Self evolving and maturing in his endless travels.
Then his life changed dramatically: he subsequently spent 13 years working for financial businesses on Wall Street, then as of 1996 in Brazil, while painting remained his passion.Moscow City Government, moscow City Department for Culture, russian Academy of Arts.Moscow Museum of Modern Art, artIs Foundation, alimatika present.Five outstanding paintings by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Amedeo coupon sconto odissea 2000 Modigliani, Fernand Leger and Georges Braque with an overall value of around 500 million were stolen from Paris Museum of Modern Art.One of most well-known action painters is, of course, Jackson Pollack.There is no surprise that Jay Janér declares his predilection for action painting, a wonderful artistic discovery made in the New World a melting pot of diverse cultures and collective memories.However, Picasso's son Claude said his father would have never given his works to a stranger.The collection of Picasso's works created between 19 is estimated at 100 million euros. .As a man of both European culture, yet of global thinking, Janér demonstrates a fulfilled and accomplished expression of his individual self.He spent his childhood in Argentina, his adolescence in Paris, where he frequented Le Louvre and adored works by Leonardo da Vinci.Ragnar Lovatelli Janer was born to a family of an Italian author and a Swedish businessman living in Brazil.Almost as a sculptor he works with enamel, paint and other materials.On March 20 a French court found a former electrician and his wife guilty of hiding 271 works by renowned Spanis artist Pablo Picasso. .