Cultural Activities Parallel to the project there are socio-cultural activities organised and carried out by Atlas Nova.
Telecommunications, textile industry, theatre, Dance, Music, tourism, Hospitality and Catering.
Accommodation and Maintenance, accommodation is also arranged as part of the package.
Final Report on CD Format.Trade, Commerce, International commerce, transports, Logistics, travel agency, Tour operator.Tutoring and Follow up A supervisor from Atlas Nova takes care of the trainees during the whole training period.Transfer to/from Airport Atlas Nova organizes the trainees transfer from and to the Sofia airport at arrival and departure.English courses are held by specialized teachers in Foreign Languages.EuroPA team harnessing the benefits of learning mobility to give every young European a flying start in life. .Sarah also tweets at @playabouttown.Unpaid Work Placements / Unpaid Internships in Sofia.

The island has a wealth of beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural heritage which means trainees will enjoy their stay here.
The recommended length of time for placements is from between three to twelve months.
Daily trip to Rila Monastery.We also aim to enhance trainees' employment opportunities while increasing their awareness and competences. .To apply, I first needed to provide a covering letter man with wings the story of leonardo da vinci in French and to translate.Small confusions aside, I feel at home in this charming old house and enjoy having an extra opportunity to practise speaking French with the family.Hotels provide only a room and breakfast.With recent job titles including 'SEO assistant' and 'post-production runner this was a task more than a little daunting for someone whose A-level French had gathered six years of dust.We also provide Bulgarian language courses, which are taught by Bulgarian native teachers specialized in teaching English or Bulgarian as a second language.My brain struggles to find room among the vocabulary and grammar it has been force-fed all week by eager 'profs' at the Alliance Française.