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Called Smart Pause, the guadagnare soldi giocando gratis phone monitors your gaze when youre watching video content and pauses the video when you look away.
Jellybean which is the latest iteration of that.
Bluetooth.0, its range of coverage has been increased to.
BIG Screen, the new S4 has a slightly larger screen than its predecessor, the.
One of the more interesting features of the devices photo capabilities is that it allows the user the option of inserting him or herself into the photo being taken in a small window in the frame of the shot.In terms of memory power, the amount of RAM has been doubled to 2 Gigabytes.Its also an HD screen, with 1080 x 1920 pixels and improved sharpness.Gallery: Samsung Debuts The New Galaxy S IV 11 images, view gallery.No more being left out of shots.Equipped with special protection Samsung Xcover 2 keeps working even after 30-minute submersion under water up to 1 meter and the key of direct access to the camera enables quick underwater photography.Is it an iPhone killer?Operating through the cameras camera lense, the feature is a godsend to those for whom advancing ones finger an extra inch to actually touch the screen is an unacceptable nuisance.Samsung's Galaxy S4 has arrived.Moreover, Samsung Xcover 2 is: a large and colorful 4-inch display with sharp imaging a two-core processor of 1 Ghz a 5-megapixel HD-camera that enables taking photos on the.Err) and it is the first smartphone to boast an 8-core chip, said Chris Martin of PC Advisor.

The S4 is nothing if not a performer.
The S4 comes with the ability to read hand gestures, allowing users to control various device functions through pointing, waving, and making swiping motions.
Samsung Xcover 2 works on the basis of Android Jelly Bean system.Grobertcommonswiki, information Descriptionen1Samsung android smartphone i9000 Galaxy S fr1Téléphone mobile (smartphone) Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Sourceown Author.The introduction of Samsungs samsung galaxy ace plus 2 prezzo S4 to the maelstrom that is the international smartphone slugfest has seen a lot of coverage in recent days.New smartphone can be purchased at full cost, as well as by installments for 12 months.Among the original functions of the new smartphone are the following: vincere slot machine online The best shot will help to choose the best photo out of a series of shots, Movement interface performs tasks automatically with the help of simple actions, Intelligent standby keeps the display active.Will it factor into further.For more basic info on the S4, check out the specs.That engine will come in 16, 32 and 64 gigabyte storage options.Reliable and powerful, it will appeal to real lovers of active rest for whom life is not limited to city area.There is also an optical character recognition feature that can turn business cards into text, Voice Drive for accessing features like navigation while driving, and a calorie counter for the health and fitness-conscious.It consists of four Cortex-A15 cores clocked.6GHz for performance while the remaining four are Cortex-A7s clocked.2GHz and this will be used for less demanding tasks.

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