16 . .
20 Asarum shuttleworthii Harperi z 5 A new evergreen vigorous variety of asarum.
J.; Hernandez-Laguna,.; Galvez-Ruano,.
New fronds apple-green mature to lustrous dark green.12.00 Fragaria vesca Variegata (Ornamental Strawberry) z 3-8 Pretty ground cover to 4 high spreading by runners.12 Tradescantia Angelic Charm ppaf z 5 sun, part shade 8 high by 15 mound of compact, bright yellow foliage with pure white flowers all summer long.Silvery pink pincushion flowers on top in June and July (pic.). .Pink flower clusters late summer to mid fall.A splendid NEW Heuch.12.00 Corydalis (False Bleeding Heart) - Not variegated but, in my opinion, desirable tagli di capelli ragazzi for their attractive all season flowers, delicate fern carrefour casalecchio volantino offerte -like foliage, and ability to naturalize and spread in shade.A handsome, adaptable groundcover.Great potential to brighten shady areas.In spring, pink, white and green variegation; in summer, the pink disappears but vinci group australia each leaf has a white rim all season. .Deep, purple-black foliage all summer with small silver dots in a vigorous grower. .13.00 gal. .

It sparkles in the garden.
Makes a focal point in the shaded garden.
Topped with red flower spikes and vigorous.Blooms July through September.Almost continuously here in zone.16 NEW 13 Heuchera Electric Lime pp21872 z 4 part shade A large heuch with lime-colored foliage, with red veins in cool weather.Flowers early July to Sept. .By mid summer, center turns to cream, then white.

z 4 A new astilbe to 18 in flower. .
Great for borders or drifts in shady gardens.
Z 4 Flowers jade-green with dark green cone for weeks. .