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Cherokee Chief dogwood puts out rosy-red blooms in spring, while its fall foliage is a red color with hints of bronze.
Creeping periwinkle is a trailing ground cover vine that grows low to the ground with a good matting habit.
The Best Shade Grass for the Lawn Federica Fortunat / Getty Images.
Fill a shallow container or a flat with individual cells with a seed-starting mix.
Paul Hart / Getty Images, evergreen Shrubs: Yew.Provide high light levels, a southern window for example, to avoid "stretched" or leggy plants.New foliage in spring is bright green and soft.Just give it a soil with good drainage and let.Fertilize again in two weeks.Plan to sow the seeds 10 to 12 weeks before your average last frost in spring.Aaron Choi / Getty Images Rock Garden Plant: Deadnettle Deadnettle ( Lamium maculatum ) is a shade-loving perennial for zones 4 through.Moisten the mix and let it drain.Buy any lawn-seed mixture labeled "for shade which will include fine fescues, such as hard, chewing, and creeping red fescue.

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Plants are fast growing for more rapid coverage.
While both tolerate shade, you will get more of the red color by giving it more sunlight.For larger landscape jobs, buy bare root vinca minor wholesale and save.Pachysandra Terminalis or, variegated Pachysandra.Hemlock is hardy to zone.For example, some owners of brick homes grow it up against their house walls.The top performers can come from almost any group of plants, from flowering trees (like the dogwood) to turf and ornamental grasses.Large rounded blooms with airbrushed look, well branched, green leaf, love heat, specimens in display pots or garden, grows 12" tall.When seedlings are about 2 inches tall, snip off all but the strongest plant in each cell at soil level.These shrubs grow about 3 to 4 feet tall and have a similar spread. .The short, flat needles buy 3 uk top up voucher online of yews are dark green on top and light green on their undersides.Periwinkles are another invasive plant.BM55 Pacifica Cranberry Vinca ( Periwinkle ) Deep red.

100 plants will cover 100 square feet.