vinca variegata plant

You can find several variegated varieties of Vinca minor.
Good cover for bulbs and excellent selection for hanging baskets, window boxes and containers.
Both species of vinca do well in most soil types, even heavy clay soils.10 Variegated Vinca Periwinkle Trailing Vine Starter Plants Bare Root.95.Vinca major is best suited for areas in the yard that are in full sun to partial shade, while Vinca minor is better for partially to fully shaded sites.Vinca Periwinkle 50 bare root Live plants Evergreen vine Creeping Myrtle.95, buy It Now or Best Offer 5 0 bare root plants with multiple leads of vinca Periwinkle.Vinca planted in the shade may not bloom profusely.The vines move into natural areas, especially along waterways, and push out native plants.Although low maintenance, vinca should be planted with care due to its invasive habit.The common Periwinkle (Vinca minor) is a strong and popular evergreen ground cover plant that flowers in April and May with striking blue coloured bellshaped flowers.Apart (20 cm) for quick cover of smaller areas.Propagate by division in spring or autumn and by semi-hardwood cuttings in summer.Once established, both species tolerate drought, although Vinca major can handle longer dry periods than Vinca minor.

"Variegata" is the most common variegated variety of Vinca major and features leaves with creamy white edges.
Periwinkle variegated vinca major groundcover baskets 10 plants evergreen.99 Buy It Now 3 watching 2 sold easy TO grow AND LOW maintenance.
A hardy, low-maintenance and forgiving groundcover, it is also deer and rabbit resistant.
It grows so vigorously you can put periwinkle in poor rocky soil on steep banks and rock gardens.
Small green leaf vinca minor 25 bare root plants Periwinkle vine Myrtle.99, buy It Now 30 watching 113 sold, small green leaf vinca major.(25) Vinca Minor (Periwinkle) Plants Irresistible groundcover - Bare root.95, buy It Now or Best Offer, like most vinca, this plant does best in partial shade and produces fewer blooms indeep shade.Common periwinkles grow quickly and form roots whenever the stem.Vinca minor's flowers measure 1 inch across, and the plant grows to only half the height of Vinca major.Common periwinkles grow quickly and form roots whenever the stems.Vinca does not require fertilizer.With its grow-anywhere character, vinca is known as an invasive plant.Excellent for suppressing weeds, this variegated periwinkle is vigorous and makes a lovely groundcover for large expanses of ground.Works well under taglio di capelli ricci uomo deciduous trees and along woodland pathways.Adds a finish touch to hanging baskets and containers where its cream and green foliage happily dangles on stringy stems.

This vine thrives as a groundcover in partially shaded gardens and blooms out in bluish-purple flowers in the spring.
Gently firm soil around roots and stem.
BIG leaf vinca major.